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Custom Order


If you like any sold product, or like the style of a specific product/artist but want different size/color/message, you can contact us for a custom order. Our artists will offer you a fast and affordable custom service according to your needs.

Here are the steps for custom order:

1. Customer contacts us for a custom order.

2. We discuss all the order details (size, content, artist, etc.) with the customer.

3. We send a quote to the customer.

4. The customer finishes the payment in our website.

5. Artist creates the artwork in 1-3 days. High definition photos of the finished artwork will be sent to customer.

6.  If customer is not satisfied with the artwork, we will ask the artist to revise or recreate it.

7. Once the customer is fully satisfied with it, we will mount and ship the artwork in 1-2 days.

Below are some of our fulfilled custom orders:

A Love Poetry of Han Dynasty 汉乐府民歌《上邪》

Li, Ya-Guang (李亚光), $260.00

A Love Poetry of Han Dynasty 汉乐府民歌《上邪》

Li, Ya-Guang (李亚光), $260.00

Heart Sutra 《般若波罗蜜多心经》
Zhang, Xuan (张瑄), $ 480.00

Plum Blossoms with the Five Blessings《梅开五福》
Zhang, Jin-Xin (张进新), $170.00