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Welcome to Hwaink Chinese artwork online store

Have you considered bringing classical Chinese style to your home? You will be amazed by the new artistic look of your place. Here you will find original Chinese paintings and calligraphy handmade by famous Chinese artists. All of our products are tax-free. We offer free mounting, worldwide free shipping and no-question-asked 60-day money back guarantee. We also offer fast and affordable custom order based on your needs. Enjoy a worry-free shopping experience at Hwaink.

Featured Collections

Featured Items

Who Can Resist the Beauty of Peony 《何人不爱牡丹花,占断城中好物华》
Bright Future 《前程似锦》
Round as Pearls and Smooth as Jade 《珠圆玉润》
Pearls and Jade 《编珠聚玉》
Opportunity Knocks 《鸿运当头》
Plum Blossom in Snow 《万花所向雪中出,一枝独先天下春》
Duo Longevity 《双寿》
Heart Sutra 《般若波罗蜜多心经》
Beauty Without and Intellect Within 《秀外慧中》
Imitation of Nature 《道法自然》
The Virtuous can Bear the Utmost 《厚德载物》
Tranquility Yields Transcendence《宁静致远》
A Canal Town in Southern China 《江南水乡》
All Wishes Come True 《事事如意,金秋满堂》
Flowers 《花卉》
Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum《梅兰竹菊》
Sold Out A Pot of Plum Flower Makes a Whole Spring 《香梅一枝天地春》
A Beauty《美人图》
Callilgraphy by Aisin-Gioro, Puzuo 爱新觉罗·溥佐书法
Golden Monkey Brings Luck 《金猴献瑞》
Longevity 《长寿图》

Featured Artists

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